How To Build Your Wardrobe - Denim Staples

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Denim is always a great staple to have. I'm a huge fan of denim, & I won't lie I definitely live in it! I know that I have way more than I probably need, at least according to my husband, but these are the staple pieces I always have in my closet. I add in trendy pieces as I find them, but each season I can return back to those staples since they are classic.
So let's dive in & talk about the denim staples you need in your closet, & how you can add trending styles from there.
✨Full length denim in a good dark wash, no distressing for church, dinner or a business casual event.
    *You will want to make sure that you can wear sandals, flats & a heel with this style. You can make an easy change of length with a simple cuff at the bottom while still keeping them within the business casual realm.
✨ You can add fun washes & destressing, but keep in mind what washes you are comfortable wearing. A lot of women my age (40+) are not comfortable wearing really light denim. That’s totally fine, & don’t feel like you have to follow that trend if you are not comfortable in them. I’m reality if you aren’t comfortable in them, you won’t wear them & then you kind of threw your money away.
✨ Let’s talk rise. If they say low rise is coming back (they tried to bring it back for a second), & you hate low rise don’t buy them. Hate rise rise, don’t buy them. Not every trend is meant for every person or body. You need to be comfortable in what you are wearing or you won’t wear it.
✨ Up next, ankle length denim. This is the updated version of capris. So the normal thought is to only wear them when it’s not cold out, but they are perfect for a higher cut bootie. No worrying what to do with your denim hit your booties when you wear them with ankle length. I’m a huge fan.
✨ Last, but not least denim shorts 100% cotton, no stretch, wide leg denim in on trend. I love them for the room in the thighs, & not feeling restricted my a super stretchy fabric. This is all personal preference so make sure you know what you like so you don’t spend time trying on styles you know won’t work for your body type. Also checking the fabric content of your favorites so when you shop online you know what fabric content works best for your body.
Do not compromise your comfort for a trend.
Remember clothing is about comfort, & wearing what makes you confident. Trends do not last long, but you will be stuck with that denim for a while or at least until you clean them out of the back of your closet to realize you've barely worn them & kind of hated them. 
So listen to your body & your gut when buying denim. If you don't love them as soon as you put them on, they are not for you. Don't force yourself to adjust to a style that doesn't make you feel good. 
You can always message us with any questions you have, & we would be more than happy to help you find the best denim for you!

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