Midweek Motivation - Girl, Do It For You!

Posted by Renee Rosenbeck on

During a conversation with a friend a few days ago about current life happenings I was asked a question I had never truly pondered. 

"Are you trying to make them happy, or are you trying to make you happy?"

My initial response was, "Well..."

I caught myself quickly & she was ready to call me out on that initial answer. Because am I truly living my life to make humans outside of my family happy? That answer definitely made it sound like I was going to defend living to make others happy. The answer was a resounding yes, & my gut reaction "Well..." echoed just that.

I've been basing some of my decisions on humans I don't even directly know. I mean the people pleaser in me thought it seemed like the right decision in the moment. Side note, personal decisions that affect you & your family should not be based on someone else's happiness. I mean it might be the worst way to make any decisions, because the outcome will never be what you expect or need. 

Talk about a reality check! 

This question was a big nudge to change how I approach making a decision.

So I said all of this to say, DO IT FOR YOU!

Make the decisions for you. For your happiness. For your family's best interest.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Do not give that responsibility to someone else, because they will not be able to meet your expectations. 

Claim that power, & stop giving it away to others that do not contribute to your happiness. 


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