Midweek Motivation - Plans Change, But Our Goals Don't Have To...

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Our plans don’t always work the way we envisioned them.
That just means we need to...
1. Evaluate our plan.
    - Would the original plan going to cause us unnecessary stress?
    - Would it cause us to not spend the time with our family we need?
    - Would we be required to make sacrifices that we are not willing to make?
    - Is this plan worth what it will take for us to execute it?
You are not meant to reach a goal at the cost of yourself, the most important people in your life or your boundaries. Another plan will come along or can be organized to allow you to reach your goal without selling your soul to do so.
2. Say a few prayers..
    - God is always there for you. 
    - Talk to him like you are talking to a friend.
I promise he listens, but you will need to get quiet to hear his plan & the path he has in store for you. Is a change of plans scary? Of course! Totally worth it though when you know God has you!
3. Know God wouldn't have put the goal in our hearts if it was not meant for us...
    - He has brought the concept & final goal to you for a reason.
    - Do not doubt it is for you when a plan does not work out perfectly.
    - Trust his process & know it is meant for you.
Keep the goal, adjust the plan to reach it.
Listen to God & trust that He is with you every step of the way.

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