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𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞 𝐓𝐢𝐩:
I know cropped style tops can seem scary for us moms, but they don’t have to cause stress.
• Pairing a cropped style with a good mid-rise or high-rise will prevent showing skin.
• Sizing up in a cropped style can give a little more length too.
• Boxy fit crops are going to give more flow which will draw attention to the structure of your denim.

When I say a good mid/high-rise I mean:
• Good Structure - when the fabric & stitching is good quality the denim will flatter your curves & fit well.
• Good Fabric - I might get some hate for this, but you don’t want too much stretch in your denim. Does it feel good at first, absolutely, but too much spandex or elastins will cause your jeans to stretch out quick. Like wear them for an hour & they are too big. That extra stretch allows for the denim to get “runs” in them. That’s the weird lines you get in your denim after they’ve been in the dryer or just from wearing them a lot. That can not be fixed unfortunately.
• The Fit - I know fit can be an issue, & it definitely gets a lot of us down when trying on denim. The thing is, not all denim is made for all bodies. We are all shaped differently, & we need denim that fits the shape of our bodies. This can be trial & error to see what brand/cut works best for our bodies.

** I can totally help you with this! Send me a message & we can work on cuts that will work best for your body, needs & style! Seriously, styling is my favorite part of what I do 😀

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