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How do I wear this?
This is a question I hear a lot, & Style Tip Saturday is going to bring all the answers.
Today is all about how to style destroyed denim to elevate the look, & how all the old fashion rules no longer matter.
Yep, that might sound crazy, but it's to very true.
So let's get to it ladies!

𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞 𝐓𝐢𝐩:

I know destroyed denim can seem hard to style for us moms, but they don’t have to cause stress.
• Pairing a cozy sweater with destroyed denim will soften up the edginess of the rips & holes.
• If you are going for an elevated look, don't wear a top that is too oversized. Oversized is super cute for a relaxed look, but it will not give the elevated look you are going for.
• When dressing destroyed denim up you want a top that is a bit more tailored.

When I say a tailored top I mean:
• Good Structure - when the fabric & stitching is good quality the top will flatter your curves & fit well.
• Good Fabric - Fabric is so important, & makes or breaks they style a piece is going for. If the top is meant to have clean lines, but it's made with a rayon it will not hold those intended clean lines...a cotton or linen blend is best for that style. On the reverse if you want a dress that is flowy making it with polyester blend is going to cause static & hinder the flow of the dress...a rayon or cotton blend is best for this.

Don't forget to add a fun pop of color or print with your shoes! Have fun, & let your style show your personality!

*** I can totally help you with this! Send me a message & we can work on what works best for your body, needs & style! Seriously, styling is my favorite part of what I do! Contact me today to set up a styling appointment.

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