The Closet Makeover

The Closet Makeover

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Are you ready to revamp your wardrobe, figure out what styles you like best or how to dress your body type? You have come to the right place! Styling is my passion, & I can't wait to help you discover your personal style! 

In your Closet Makeover we will discuss the style survey you filled out prior to scheduling to get to know you, what you love, what you hate &, what areas you want styling advice. The survey will be sent to you upon checkout with The Closet Makeover. 

What to Expect:

Renee will come to your home for a complete closet audit of current pieces including the colors, shape, structure & fit of items. This info along with your survey answers will allow Renee to give you suggestions on pieces to build your wardrobe into a beautifully curated collection that is easy to navigate & allows you to create looks to love. You will also have the bonus of access to texting Renee after the Closet Makeover for any questions you might have about the process, style suggestions or color palettes.  

The audit will include selling, donating or giving away pieces that no long work for your personal style. You will also receive the option to book a Private Shopping/Personal Shopping session at a discounted price. 

This service is intensive, & it will be scheduled for 3 hours. If you would like to go beyond 3 hours please reach out to us prior. Once your survey is completed Renee will reach out to get your Closet Makeover schedule.

I can't wait to meet you! - Renee