Brain Dump Worksheet

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As a mom, we store all the details for all the things. Using a brain dump will allow you to get everything out of your head, onto paper & organized. This allows you to destress & see all of the tasks at hand. 

To use these worksheets you first will do a brain dump of all of the thoughts swirling in your head into the categories Home & Work to help clear your mind and lower stress. Then those items will get put into 1 of 4 areas:

1. To Do - things you need to do.

2. To Plan - things you can begin planning for ex birthday parties, back to school etc.

3. To Delegate - things others including your kids or house cleaner can take off your already full plate.

4. To Eliminate - things that are not necessary such as things that do not add value to your life or relieve stress. 

Once ordered you will receive the product in an email with PDFs of both the Brain Dump & Organizing My Brian Dump. These are for personal use only. 

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